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Based on Vista's consultations with scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical personnel, the ability to monitor serum biomarkers in real time represents a dramatic advancement. Doctors have told us that for ER patients, there is often only a small time window in which to successfully assess the severity of a patient's condition, and that regardless of the intervention subsequently chosen, ongoing monitoring is essential in regulating the patient's recovery. Pharmaceutical scientists and medical researchers are often forced to sacrifice animals (at various time points and doses, for instance) in order to measure biomarkers of interest. Using Vista's NanoBioSensor, much of this monitoring can be done via a tail-nick or an ear-nick. In short, not only are Vista's potential markets huge, there is a significant opportunity to improve the lives of humans and animals.

Vista was co-founded by Spencer Farr, Ph.D., an experienced scientist and entrepreneur, and Charles Lieber, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University. (Dr. Leiber has been nominated for a Nobel prize for the very technology at the heart of Vista's NanoBioSensor.)
Spencer Farr, Ph.D.
Charles Lieber, Ph.D.
Noah Clay, Ph.D.
Lu Wang, Ph.D.
Sam Hicken, Ph.D.
Ron Salesky
Brent Buchine, Ph.D.
Vista recently introduced the NanoBioSensor™, the first commercial sensor capable of real-time, multiple biomarker measurement. At the core of Vista's technology are nanowires, microscopic wires whose conductance varies (with great sensitivity) as the concentration of target molecules passing over the wires changes. The NanoBioSensor unit is compact, as shown in the illustrations, and its data output can be captured in real time on an ordinary PC. All you need to do is funtionalize one of our chips with the antibody you're interested in, put it in the unit, fire up the software, and you're ready to begin taking measurements.
Vista and Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc. have cooperated to create a powerful array of highly sensitive, easy to use Nanowire-Aptamer probes.
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